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Measuring for wallpaper can be really confusing if you're not sure how to approach it. Because our wallpapers are sold by the metre/yard and they are printed especially for your space, the most accurate way is to let us do the math. See examples below of how to create a simple drawing of your space.


The best way to measure for wallpaper is to do a drawing of your room, including the height and width of your walls. We work in both metric and imperial, so use the measurement you're comfortable with. Ignore all standard doors and windows. We will send you a quote along with a diagram of the area for you to check and confirm prior to placing an order. You can also have this done by a professional decorator.


Example of a client's mapped out bathroom, including each wall measurement.


We will map out the walls of your room in digital software including measurements of each wall and the drops of wallpaper to be sure the design fits well in your space. We will send this through for your approval, along with a quote.

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