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I'm Betsy, founder and illustrator at Lemontree Paper Co. This little biz began five years ago as an amateur interest in calligraphy and hand lettering. It was nothing more than a sideline; something to have for myself between changing nappies and chasing toddlers! After a wonderful friend suggested putting a few things up on Instagram, I reluctantly did and before I knew it I had my first commission. 🙂

The incorporation of watercolour began over a year later as a way to honour the interests of my maternal grandmother, who was an avid watercolourist and very encouraging of my artistic talent. After a 20-years of pursuing other interests (yes, I'm that old...), I decided to try watercolour again. Painting eventually took an important role in Lemontree's rolodex of skills and it's our most dominant medium to date.

Now Lemontree Paper Co utilises the talents of several illustrators and individuals to create and continue to grow. I'm so proud of this little niche we've built in the world, and we're so happy you are here!

Lemontree Paper Co Mission Statement

'We strive to collaborate with each client to take the ordinary to extraordinary. Each business, brand, or individual has a story to tell; we find the magic within and bring it to life with watercolour and ink. For us, the best job in the world is bringing people's hearts, souls and lives to the page with personalised works of fine art.'

- Tania Melick       



Betsy Weir, illustrator and designer


Betsy is the founding Director and Illustrator at Lemontree Paper Co. Her background extends through both the performing and visual arts, giving her a unique perspective on creative enterprise and an eye for the finest detail.

With an appreciation for tradition and a balance between naturalism and extravagance, her inspiration comes from botanicals, intricate patterns and textiles. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are the essence of Lemontree's style and exclusivity.

Betsy paints and designs in Melbourne on her property, drawing inspiration from the surrounding Edna Walling gardens, free range chickens and gorgeous new studio space.

Tania Melick, project coordinator at Lemontree Paper Co

MEET Tania

Tania is our amazing Project Coordinator and is also an avid Illustrator who assists with much of the artwork at Lemontree Paper Co. She is not just an organisation extraordinaire, but a tremendous asset with regard to her digital acumen and talents with a paint brush. Her sideline as an artist at Cave and Reki has been a passion project for the last several years. She is both the first and last point of contact for all our clientele and is essential to the workflow and culture of the studio.

Tania is a devoted mother of four, inspires creativity in everyone around her, and finds passion and fulfillment in art and it's influence.

Tim headshot-4


With a background in performing arts and education, Tim has now moved into leadership and strategic planning roles, including a directorship with Lemontree Paper Co.  He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, holds an MBA and serves on the board of the Australian Trumpet Guild.

Tim’s focus at Lemontree is on strategy and direction and provides guidance on a range of business issues and practices.

His original passion is music, which has springboarded his career and interest in creative arts. Tim plays trumpet professionally throughout Melbourne and supports education in the arts through multiple organisations.